Castillo Games

Two things totally attracted me (Markus) to the game, Rescuing Robin Hood. First, I am a huge fan of Robin Hood, and second, we still had no coop game, in our store. After Bryce, the founder of Castillo Games, sent us a game to test, we tested the game more than we actually intended. And not because we were not sure about the quality of the game, but because the game is just so damn fun.
We are happy to sell the game now, and hopefully play it in German soon too.

Why have you decided to create your own game?

I just wanted to create a game that was fun to play with friends. Surprisingly, I accomplished that with Rescuing Robin Hood on the first playtest! Gradually I continued developing the game and as it got better and better I decided to publish it.

What interest you the most about developing games/ and what not?

I enjoy knowing that my games bring delight to people that play it. It is so rewarding to hear enthusiastic responses from people who play the game. Many people now count Rescuing Robin Hood as one of their favorite games, and I feel incredibly honored to have created a game that people love so much. The most challenging thing about game development is building awareness of your game in an environment with many other games. You can create a fantastic game, but at the end of the day people play the games they have heard of or played, so you have to really fight to build an awareness of your game.

If you had to play only three games for the rest of your life, which games would these be?

Dominion, Catan and Rescuing Robin Hood. Dominion with expansions because it is highly replayable, Catan because it is a classic with good memories and easy to get people to play, and Rescuing Robin Hood because it is one of the best co-op games on the market and I never design a game I won’t enjoy playing 150 times.

What makes your game/games unique?

The game is:

-Engaging for both adults and children

-Teaches history, mental math, and statistics

-Unique press your luck attacks encourage collaboration

-Rich theme, each of 89 villagers has a backstory in the character booklet

What was the best moment you had as a game developer?

I really enjoyed virtual board game conventions where I was able to play my game with people in Australia, Germany, Italy and the United States all at the same time.

You want to sell your games in Germany. Why do you think Germans will like your game in particular?

Rescuing Robin Hood has a lot of history in its theme. Germans tend to have a greater appreciation of history than Americans, possibly because we are a young nation and there are simply more records and years of German history than American history. I also feel Germans can be very analytical in playing board games and Rescuing Robin Hood allows you to strategize well with your friends with much lively conversation.

Games sold: Rescuing Robin Hood