Draco Ideas & Eclipse Editorial

Draco Ideas & Eclipse Editorial are two different publishers, yet both speak the same language (not in a literal, but moral and philosophical sense).
I have never met the people in real life, nor do I know any of them for a long time. Yet, I believe to have built a strong bond simply by playing so many of their games. While each game is unique and fun in its own way, they all carry the spirit from its creators – I can not tell you how much I enjoy this process. It gives me the chance to get to know people through unconventional ways, like playing their games 😊 (let me know if you can resonate with this thought!)

Why have you decided to create your own game?

Because we are passionate about board games, especially thematic ones, where we get into a story and become part of it, interacting with other players. It’s like daydreaming. We really like games with deep rules and gameplay, which are enjoyed from the beginning of reading the rulebook. 🙂

What interest you the most about developing games/ and what not?

The most beautiful thing about creating a board game, from our point of view, is the beginning and the end of development. At the beginning because everything is illusion, jotting down ideas and building mechanics set in a theme that we are passionate about. There are no limits, that comes later… And of course also in the final phase, when we see that everything fits, the illustrations and graphic design are integrated with the game and we see the result that we were initially looking for. We don’t like the huge amount of testing in the game, totally necessary, but too repetitive…

If you would have to play only three games for the rest of your life, which games would these be?

Without thinking, the first would be Chess. A simple game without limits, where all the games are different. The other 2 games would have to be of a lot of thematic and tactical depth, like 4X Space Empires, and Combat Commanders…

What makes your game/games unique?

The theme of the games we make, which we have to be passionate about, in addition to the fact that we start from a very wide selection of prototypes and when we love a game we can’t stop… here we go…

What was the best moment you had as a game developer?

When you realize that what we like and where we have invested so much time and money, coincides with the taste of many thousands of people. That doubt remains until the thanks of the backers and the players arrive, speaking well of the games or having a great time. For this it is very important to also see their reactions in the events.

You want to sell your games in Germany. Why do you think Germans will like your game in particular?

I think that people all over the world are very similar and that there are always players who have been looking for your game for years but don’t know it 🙂 We have been running Kickstarter campaigns for a long time and we have backers all over the world and it’s great to see that their tastes are not so different…

Games sold: Ratland; Sector 6; Frontier Wars; Hatflings; 1500m