We are a publisher that tries to emphasize social issues in our “modern society” in our games without making the game less fun. Thus, we were happy to see that Hyggames has a similar philosophy. One of their games, “Happy Nation” is a strategy game, which offers a lot of player interaction and fun. When […]

Second Gate Games

When we first contacted Second Gate Games and asked them to collaborate with us, we were a little intimidated by their success on Kickstarter, and thus, did not have too high expectations. Fortunately, the team behind Second Gate Games is very humble about their success, and liked our idea so much, that they have agreed […]

Pull the Pin Games

Pull the Pin Games, was one of our first partners for the shop. Their game, Good Cop Bad Cop, is all about finding out who is in your team, and whom you must not trust. We are happy to say that in real life, both publishers belong to the same team and will support each […]