Pull the Pin Games

Pull the Pin Games, was one of our first partners for the shop. Their game, Good Cop Bad Cop, is all about finding out who is in your team, and whom you must not trust. We are happy to say that in real life, both publishers belong to the same team and will support each other – we just don’t know if we are on the cop or crook side 😉 (reference to the game – another reason to buy it 😉 )
The founders – Brian and Clayton – have stated that they often raise Kickstarter campaigns. If you wish to support them in the future, you can email them, such that they inform you about any new games that they will publish
Email: support@pullthepingames.com

Why have you decided to create your own game?

We enjoy creating experiences that bring emotion and big moments to groups sitting around a table. Knowing that we helped people have fun interacting with one another brings us great satisfaction.

What interest you the most about developing games/ and what not?

It’s easy to create a game that has a beginning state and an end game condition, but to make it incredibly fun to get from beginning to end is the challenge that drives us.

Tell us about the funniest failure or situation that you had as a developer.

Trying to bring a game about the original Total Recall movie to market was the biggest failure we’ve had. But every failure comes with (sometimes expensive) lessons learned, so they’re never all that bad.

If you had to play only three games for the rest of your life, which games would these be?

The Resistance: Avalon, King of Tokyo, Alhambra

What makes your game/games unique?

Our games are very thematic, bring out emotion in the players, and usually move towards some sort of “big reveal” before the conclusion. They usually play out like a movie.

What was the best moment you had as a game developer?

Every time I hear stories about someone playing one of our games, those are the best moments. Those stories come out most often at game conventions and is the best part about going to them.

You want to sell your games in Germany. Why do you think Germans will like your game in particular?

Our games pack a lot of strategy into a very simple set of rules, so when you want to play a game in about 30 minutes or you are playing with those who are newer to gaming, our games are the perfect fit.

Games sold: Good Cop Bad Cop