Lost Games

As is usual in Corona times, we got to know Carlos online, during one of his excellent crowdfunding campaigns.
In our opinion, his games meet the taste of game enthusiasts in Germany very well, as his games are exclusively Eurogames. We were all the more pleased when Carlos agreed to cooperate with us. If you are looking for strategy games that are easy to understand and playable in small as well as large groups, his games are perfect for you!

Why have you decided to create your own game?

It all started a few years ago by tinkering the rule book of a board game I bought.
I enjoyed it so much that I decided to jump in the adventure of designing my own board game.
I find it very entertaining and satisfying!

What interest you the most about developing games/ and what not?

The aspect I like the most would be creating its mechanics and the interactions between them.
On the other hand, I can’t think of anything I dislike about being a board game designer… But I could say that the most difficult part is, definitely, testing the game enough times to find balance in its mechanics!

Tell us about the funniest failure or situation that you had as a developer.

When we were toying with the idea of developing our very first Kickstarter project back in 2013 or so, we received a letter from an actual English Lord. He was very intrigued about us because he thought we decided to name our boardgame after his castle! We wrote him back telling him that it was a simple coincidence, and after that he invited us to visit his castle someday.
Unortunately that trip is still pending today.

If you had to play only three games for the rest of your life, which games would these be?

It’s very hard to answer that question! There are so many great games nowadays!!
My favorite board game is Through the Ages because each one of its mechanics is a masterpiece.
The other ones would be Brass: Birmingham and Terraforming Mars, they have great gameplay, and they are truly entertaining.

What makes your game/games unique?

Running a design agency in parallel, ARTWORK/DESIGN is part of our DNA. Our aim is for this to show, we want consumers to say “what a beautiful game”, so we invest a lot of time and money into artwork development and the polishing of details. That’s not to say that we don’t strive for gameplay excellence as well 😉

What was the best moment you had as a game developer?

Our Kickstarter campaigns. They are an extreme adrenaline rush, and the final hours are a super climax.

You want to sell your games in Germany. Why do you think Germans will like your game in particular?

We have been to Essen Spiel as exhibitor various times and its participation was extremely rewarding, with great feedback from the German (and international) audience. It might help that one of us is actually German, too 😉  Also, Germany is the 2nd biggest audience in our Kickstarter campaigns, only after the US.

Games sold: Medieval Realms